RCS-MDT   MDT 40' Refrigerator Car   Merchants Despatch Dairy Line, New York Central & Hudson River, Michigan Central

Based on prototype photos and plans (1919 Car Builder's Cyclopedia and MDT Co. blueprints), this kit is a scale replica of the 40' wood-sheathed steel underframe cars built for New York Central (series 155000-156999)  and Michigan Central (series 16000-16249) railroads by MDT between 1913 and 1917.  These cars are easily distinguished from refrigerator cars built after WWI by their all-wood superstructure, four hinge doors, 5 ft. door openings, and steel underframe having only 5 cross bearers.

This kit features a thin-wall, one-piece car body and includes Tichy Train detail parts.  Trucks and couplers are not included.  The correct trucks for this car are Bettendorf T-section trucks.